We Let The Dealer Compete And Put You In The Driver Seat.

Why do I need a Pros N Auto broker?
Our auto brokers are highly trained professionals, who manage everything necessary to acquire new and used vehicles for our customers. You save valuable time and money while we locate the vehicle you desire.

Will I be able to utilize the factory warranty if I purchase my vehicle through Pros N Auto?
Absolutely! All existing warranties remain active on your vehicle.

I have a trade-in. How do I use it toward my new vehicle?
Trade-ins are accepted just like when you purchase a vehicle on your own. Your trade-in will be accounted for on your purchase agreement.

Are there any fees associated with your service?
We charge a one-time low service charge of $250.00 for new vehicles. Service charges for pre-owned vehicles that are 2010 models or newer are priced differently. Just let us know which vehicle you want, and we’ll let you know the low service charge for that vehicle.
Pre-owned vehicles that are older than 2010 or are rare require more research and higher services charges.

Why shouldn’t I negotiate my own lease or purchase?
Pros N Auto brokers have decades of experience and solid relationships with dealerships in your region. Because we are brokers, we have access to discounts and promotions that are just not available to the consumer. Whether it’s locating rebates or reducing the interest rate, Pros N Auto specializes in getting the best overall deal for our customers. Rest assured, you will obtain the vehicle you desire at the lowest price possible.

Am I purchasing or leasing my vehicle from Pros N Auto?
No. Your auto broker manages the process of working with dealerships to select your vehicle and complete paperwork. We have no stake in the vehicle itself, so your contract is bound directly between the dealership and you.

Can Pros N Auto brokers utilize special lease advertisements?
Yes! Our team is able to match and even beat special leasing promotions, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. We always go out of our way to ensure the best overall pricing, whether you are purchasing or leasing. This is what makes hiring a professional auto broker worthwhile.