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Closing Agreement

The team at Pros N Auto would like to personally thank you for entrusting us to locate your new or pre-owned vehicle. Please take the time to review all documentation for accuracy, and report any issues right away. Items such as terms, out of pocket costs and leasing details are all critical to your lease or purchase. Everything that was agreed to throughout the purchase or lease process should be reflected in the paperwork. Verifying the vehicle and terms, including $250.00 broker service charge is necessary to close your vehicle agreement.


Broker Service Charge

I agree to hire Pros N Auto vehicle brokers and pay the agreed upon charge for their services. I also agree to pay this charge prior to delivery of my vehicle. Pros N Auto has provided either the invoice or a copy of the window sticker to verify I am receiving the correct vehicle. I have been supplied with documentation related to monthly payments (if any), the length of the lease or purchase terms (if applicable), and a full list of options in my vehicle. By completing this agreement, I agree to all the terms and conditions defined in my purchase or lease agreement.

Pros N Auto requires this acknowledgement to prevent any miscommunication between broker and customers. Vehicles cannot be returned like other items, so we do our very best to ensure you are buying or leasing the vehicle you want, down to the color of the rims. If for any reason you are unsure of something about your vehicle, please contact us right away. Once the vehicle is obtained from the dealership, we unable to make changes to your vehicle or contract. We appreciate you as a valued customer and hope you enjoy your new vehicle.

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